Visual Artists

Visual Artists – Museum Loans & Sales Similar to the way an artist can consign his or her work to a gallery for sale, he or she may loan it to a museum for exhibition. For the artist, the primary benefit of such an arrangement is that the work will be on display. The primary […]

Theatre and Associate Producers

THEATRE: ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS An associate producer is typically responsible for furnishing some or all of the front money, raising part of the capital needed to produce the play (or using his or her best efforts to do so), or making an important contribution to the theatrical production. This could be finding the play (or musical) […]

Publishing Industry

Publishing Industry – Author-Publisher Contracts – Script Preparation The laws of copyright, trademark, and defamation provide just some of the many exceptions to the right of free speech. In order to reduce the possibility of a lawsuit, both the author and the publisher should constantly evaluate a writing project for potential risks. The process of […]

Theatrical Syndication Financing in New York

THEATRE: THEATRICAL SYNDICATION FINANCING IN NEW YORK, OFFERING LITERATURE, ADDITIONAL SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS When offering literature must be filed with the New York Department of Law pursuant to New York securities law and regulations, the following documents must also be submitted: As discussed in other articles, an offering typically involves the creation of a business organization […]

Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation — Section 106 — Archaeological Conditions The Recommended Approach for Consultation on Recovery of Significant Information from Archeological Sites is a document that speaks to the unique issues and challenges of development on lands with archeological significance. Published by the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, this document serves as a guide for agencies and […]